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Company Icon ZpNetics designs, develops and markets computing, electronic and information technology products for business, consumer, industrial and professionals.

ZpNetics proprietary computing languages, software, hardware and technologies, enables rapid product development with focus applied to features, ergonomics, robustness, reliability and successful implementation of proven and futuristic technologies.

ZpNetics is dedicated to advancing Operating System Technology, Network Technology, Compiler Technology, HDL Technology, MEMS, Security and computer-related business, consumer and industrial products.

Extensive R&D and synergistic relationships with designers, developers, vendors and industry leaders allows ZpNetics products and services to unlock previously inaccessible price and performance potentials.


Empower businesses, consumers, industries and government with congruent technologies, coherent solutions and commit to:

  • Adhering to Christian Ethics and Values
  • Being the leader and premier supplier of superior products, value, quality and service
  • Satisfying our customers by exceeding their highest product quality and service expectations
  • Maintaining an ordered, structured and disciplined regime
  • Respecting our Social and Physical environments
  • Being a company which respects the dignity and worth of our employees
  • Being a company employees take pride to be a part of.


ZpNetics is privately held and is not seeking outside investments.

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Published 2024-03-10
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